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A Business is Born

Tinge Daily™ wasn’t a dream that I longed to fulfill, but more an idea that evolved out of need. I’ll admit I missed the craziness of my time with Vogue the fashion world and the day-to-day challenges of owning my own company. My husband jokes that I’m happiest when I have too many balls in the air. Apparently, the status quo doesn’t serve me well because I find myself re-organizing my already organized closets and kids’ toys.

Do you ever have the feeling that a good idea is hanging over your head like a thought bubble? I had a growing suspicion that this was happening to me and I started looking at things differently – everything from my wardrobe to the design of my kids’ clothes to the products I used and the tools I employed in my entertaining endeavors. It took a while, but slowly an idea began to materialize.

We renovated our home just over 2 years ago now. I was very hands-on with my contractor and I truly enjoyed the challenge. I learned a lot, made many mistakes, yet somehow came out with a final product that my family and I love. Once the house was complete, the daunting and very unenjoyable task of unpacking all of our “stuff” came into play – but where does everything go? We all know that there is never enough storage or space in our home.

As I unpacked the beautiful wedding gifts, fine china and miscellaneous décor accents I had accumulated over the years, I realized I no longer had a “place” for them in my new pad. The pieces were certainly still functional in terms of form, but their outdated colors and styles made them discordant with the look we wanted to create in our new space”

That’s when I really started thinking. Why can’t I invest in one collectable home décor item and love it all the way through my evolution of style and aesthetics? When I first married, my style was evocative of the home I grew up in- which was more traditional than I prefer today. Once the new house was complete, it was white, open and clean – not a welcoming place for warm tones and not a place with overabundant storage.

That’s when the idea struck me. If I can change my clothes every day (yes, sometimes several times a day), why can’t I change my home accents and décor? Acrylic home goods with beautifully designed, papers called Dailies™. The papers would give me the flexibility to be colorful, neutral or creative- wherever each particular day or event would take me. And, thus, Tinge Daily™ was officially born.

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