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Founded by fashionista turned modern mom Nicole Munder, Tinge Daily™ offers effortless home décor style without the posh price tag. By pairing sleek acrylic vessels with your choice of fashionable reusable paper sheets called Dailies™, you can add pops of color and splashes of personality to your table in seconds. Never set the same table twice with our chic Dailies™. Each day brings new ways to accent your space with combinations you create from one of many categories of Dailies™. Feel free to mix and match, play with color and, most of all, change your Dailies™ to match your mood. Reawaken your table décor with a Tinge of personal style.


Over two decades ago, I walked through the oversized glass doors of the Vogue offices, then located in the heart of Times Square. I was a Midwestern girl who loved fashion, but was new to fast paced New York style and the influence of its makers. There was a lot to learn and I wondered if I had the passion and strength to succeed in a world where women ran around in the most uncomfortable, yet stylish, shoes for hours on end. Turns out I did. Once I willed my drive to overcome my doubt, my love of style, art, color, texture, embellishment and change overpowered my nervousness. Now here I am today, a spokesperson, event producer, stylist fashion show producer, and entrepreneur. Tinge Daily™ is a culmination of everything I’ve seen, touched, styled and salivated over during my 20-year tenure, but fits into my world as an active mother of two, doting wife and tenacious businesswoman who wears more jeans than Jimmy Choos. My world changes daily as I keep pace with motherhood, working, styling, and simply living. My home is my fashion show and its contents are my wardrobe. I like change - it makes me feel in control. Just as I select outfits to represent my mood, I do the same with my home décor. Obvious investment pieces such as the comfortable couch and dining room table will have a permanent address, but how they’re dressed will evolve daily, weekly, or monthly because the choice is mine. And now, with Tinge Daily™, the choice is also yours. "Be yourself- everyone else is taken." Oscar Wilde