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Tinge Daily


About Tinge Daily

Your life changes daily - why shouldn’t your décor?

Founded by fashionista turned modern mom Nicole Munder, Tinge Daily™ offers effortless home décor style without the posh price tag. By pairing sleek acrylic vessels with your choice of fashionable reusable paper sheets called Dailies, you can add pops of color and splashes of personality to your home or infuse a desired mood into your various entertaining endeavors.

With our chic Dailies available at affordable prices, this is style without commitment. Each day brings new ways to accent your space with combinations you create from one of many categories of Dailies. Feel free to mix and match, play with color and, most of all, change your Dailies™ to match your mood. Reawaken your home décor with a tinge of personal style.

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